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Licensed Agent
My passion to assist people started as a dental student back in Zacatecas, Mexico. When I moved to Milwaukee, I continued assisting and helping people in the dental field at different levels. After several years of working in a diverse community, I decided to attend Marquette University where I earned a Masters Degree in Public Service and Healthcare Administration to further more my education and expand my knowledge to better serve the community. My drive to continue assisting a diverse community and after acknowledging some of their other medical needs and challenges, motivated me to move forward and become a licensed health insurance agent.

The healthcare insurance industry is constantly changing and choosing the right health insurance could be intimidating and confusing for some people specially if they don’t speak the language. As a bilingual (Spanish) agent, I am prepared to assist you choosing the health insurance that best suits your needs. My priority is to explain to you in simple terms, easy to understand, the options you have in order to help you choose the most affordable and the best plan for you. I am available to meet with you in person or virtually. I can also be reached via phone or email to answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

My portfolio includes a wide variety of top-rated insurance carriers. I specialize in: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drugs Plans, Individual and Family Insurance (Obamacare), Short-Term Medical/Ancillary Products – Hospital Indemnity, Accident, Cancer, Heart, Stroke and Dental.

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at local public schools and community health fairs. I also enjoy teaching various disciplines of group exercise classes and I love reading, traveling and spending time with my family.

Licensed in WI


Milz Health Group is a full-service Health Insurance agency providing affordable health insurance plans to those just turning 65 and other Wisconsin Medicare-eligible individuals as well as anyone needing health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Our team of professionals has more than 50 years of experience in the health and medicare insurance fields. Our integrated suite of online services and partnerships with top insurance carriers positions us to offer the highest level of service and guarantees premiums and benefits to best fit our clients' needs. At Milz Health Group, our goal is to provide clients with affordable Wisconsin health plans while offering excellent service, professionalism, and respect.


At Milz Health, we continually evaluate our carriers to ensure we are offering high quality products to our clients.
Our team of professionals has over 50 years experience in plan design, underwriting, and claims management.
Claims Satisfaction
Being responsive to the needs of our customers’ is a priority. That’s why more than 90% of all insurance claims are processed within 10 working days or less. (Actual 2018 results)
Insurance Company Leadership
Our insurance carriers are A.M. Best (A) rated “Excellent” and have been serving the needs of seniors and Medicare-eligible individuals for over 40 years.

What Clients Say About Us

  • Dennis K., customer since 2010
    You are always prompt to call back and answer any questions. Your yearly information meetings are GREAT!
    Dennis K., customer since 2010
  • Carol K., customer since 2010
    You have led us in the right direction and always explained things very well to us about our insurance!!!!! THANK YOU.
    Carol K., customer since 2010
  • Deborah K., customer since 2015
    You were thorough and explained how medicare and supplements work very well and in a way I easily understood. And it doesn't hurt that you are a nice guy!!
    Deborah K., customer since 2015
  • Larry K., customer since 2011
    Your availability and quick response to questions make your company a clear winner.
    Larry K., customer since 2011
  • Gerald A., customer since 2008
    Fantastic guidance and detailed service. Very pro-active spotting changes and new red flags in the system. Both Jason and Dawn are truly professionals. In an era where personal service and trust seems to be going away, they are setting new levels for customer satisfaction.
    Gerald A., customer since 2008
  • Customer since 2016
    Our choices were explained simply and practically, and with overall care and costs represented accurately.
    Customer since 2016
  • Jack H., customer since 2016
    The first thing you did was to rescue me from the $340 that I was paying for my Medicare Supplement every month. Then there is the amazing wellness network you introduced me to, which began with the nurse visit, and the interview with Doctor Wall. Nothing like that was included in my earlier supplement program.
    Jack H., customer since 2016
  • Customer since 2013
    Great Service!!
    Customer since 2013
  • Customer since 2016
    I've had a really great experience with my agent. Very helpful and able to answer any and all questions I might have.
    Customer since 2016
  •  Robert B., July 2009
    As a cancer patient I have had excellent supplemental Medicare and pharmaceutical coverage thanks to the Milz Health Group. During these nine years I have not had to worry about specialists, scans, radiation therapies, hospital stays, and medications. What a relief it has been to have you in my corner. My family and I very grateful!
    Robert B., July 2009
  • Customer, July 2016
    Our rep, Dawn Engler has always answered any questions we have had. She explains any issues we have. We are extremely happy with all the feedback she gives us.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Tony H., customer since 2013
    I appreciate your quick response to my questions and your knowledge base!! Thanks again Jason.
    Tony H., customer since 2013
  • Donald H., customer since 2010
    Jason gives an annual presentation telling us about the various plan options and explains any and all changes that may have changed from the previous year.
    Donald H., customer since 2010
  • Pamela B., July 2016
    I would recommend Milz Health Group and Dawn Engler as an agent.  Dawn gives her clients her all. If she doesn't know the answer, she will get you the answer ASAP.  She makes sure you are happy and if you are not happy she helps you until you are. Dawn Engler is awesome. I wish there were more agents like her out there.
    Pamela B., July 2016
  • Melissa G., customer since 2016
    Bob took the time to explain the insurance options to me, and helped me find what I needed, all in a way that I could understand.
    Melissa G., customer since 2016
  • Dale G., customer since 2016
    I think coming directly to my house and explaining everything so good was really nice.  We did have one small problem with filling a prescription, and Jason took care of it right away for me. Excellent Job!
    Dale G., customer since 2016
  • Gary G., customer since 2016
    Dawn helped with all my questions and I hope she will continue to do so regarding my health concerns, when I start my chemo treatments for my cancer.
    Gary G., customer since 2016
  • Timothy H., customer since 2016
    It was your personal touch that impressed us! You took the time to explain everything clearly so we could understand everything. Any questions I had that you couldn't answer right away, you dug into and got the correct answer for us and let us know by the end of that day ... again very impressive!!
    Timothy H., customer since 2016
  • Customer since 2016
    Explained everything in terms we could understand. Jason was knowledgeable and helped us sort out our confusion.
    Customer since 2016
  • Customer since 2014
    You answered all my questions in ways I could understand them. You were very helpful and I enjoyed working with you with my health care needs. Thank you Jason!
    Customer since 2014
  • Customer since 2013
    We like the opportunity to sit down with you personally and discuss the latest changes in the very complicated and confusing subject of health insurance today. We also find your group sessions very helpful and informative.
    Customer since 2013
  • Customer since 2016
    I feel confident in Jason's advice when it is time to renew or change our health plan.
    Customer since 2016
  • Shirley C., customer since 2015
    Jason does a wonderful job in trying to find the best for his customers.
    Shirley C., customer since 2015
  • Customer since 2015
    Transferring to the United HealthCare Medicare Advantage program made it easy to see the same doctors I had already been going to plus I now have some basic dental coverage which I did not have before with a different Advantage program.
    Customer since 2015
  • Customer since 2016
    Robert is nice to work with. He is very knowledgable at what he does and he is very easy to ask any questions. I referred my sister to him for their insurance needs and would pass his number to anyone else in need.
    Customer since 2016
  • Customer since 2016
    You are there and answer my questions. I appreciate that so much. Your kind to talk to and listen to our questions, not rushing me on the phone and when you met with both my husband and I. Thank you!
    Customer since 2016
  • William E., customer since 2016
    So far I have gotten answers to questions that have popped up.
    William E., customer since 2016
  •  Customer since 2015
    Very helpful in trying to find the right policy that was best for what I needed and most cost effective.
    Customer since 2015
  • Delores C., customer since 2016
    Every time we call you, if you're in you get back to us ASAP. You have always been of great service to my husband and family. We look forward to seeing you every year.
    Delores C., customer since 2016
  • Joy C., customer since 2016
    You are always there to answer my questions. You make it easy to meet as you let me pick a convenient place.You make phone calls for me when necessary and you are always friendly and polite.
    Joy C., customer since 2016
  • Jean C., customer since 2015
    It's easy to reach Jason with questions. Communication with you is great! We believe you're really looking out for us. That goes for both of us. Mike & Jeanne
    Jean C., customer since 2015
  • Patricia B., customer since 2011
    When I call Jason he answers or gets back ASAP. If I have a problem he takes care of it.
    Patricia B., customer since 2011
  • Customer, July 2016
    You looked at all options for me and explained in detail until I understood so that I could make the best choice.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer since 2013
    I prefer to use doctors I have had when Dennis was employed with QG but need to call United Health Care to find out if these same doctors are participating providers with UHC. Calling the UHC phone number on the back of the card has been a very useful tool and the service representatives have always been helpful.
    Customer since 2013
  • Customer since 2015
    I was new to Medicare. You helped me navigate all the options.
    Customer since 2015
  • Customer, July 2016
    Dawn knows us. She returns our phone calls promptly. She researches to get us helpful answers. We have confidence in what she tells us. If we need to know something new, she informs us.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer since 2016
    They are very concerned about the customer's needs. Strong desire and knowledge of being able to fit the correct policy with the needs of the customer.
    Customer since 2016
  • Customer, July 2016
    Milz Health answered all our questions in a courteous and professional manner.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer, July 2016
    Great service and coverage.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer, July 2016
    Detailed comparisons are very helpful. Dawn always knows what issues matter most to me.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer, July 2016
    Its good to know that I can call anytime with a question about anything, an she will do her best to give me a good answer.
    Customer, July 2016
  • Customer since 2016
    Being available to come to home and explain all. They are also always available via phone to answer any questions.
    Customer since 2016
  • Kathleen A., customer since 2016
    Dawn, you are so attentive to your clients. I appreciate being updated every year with the changes made to health care coverages and finding the right one to fit me. I did recommend my friend and will continue to do so whenever I see a friend who needs help with their health care coverage.
    Kathleen A., customer since 2016
  • Customer, June 2016
    You were very helpful in helping us navigate the Medicare gap plans for my wife as well as helping assess COBRA vs. ACA for me.
    Customer, June 2016
  • Morton A., customer since 2015
    For me, the perception of honesty and integrity that I get from meeting with and talking to a person makes the difference in whether I will have further contact and dealings with that person. I feel comfortable with Jason from our face to face meetings and would recommend him and his company to family, friends or acquaintances. M. Arrington
    Morton A., customer since 2015
  • Customer since 2016
    Holly was very informative and answered all my questions. I have already passed her information on to a friend. Medicare is complicated and Holly explained everything very well.
    Customer since 2016
  • Customer since 2015

    You were very kind and patient with me in helping me understand what I was signing up for and what my options were. Thanks so much, I don't know how people do it by themselves.

    Customer since 2015
  • Leatha G., June 2016
    Jason Milz returns calls & e-mails almost immediately. He always has time to answer any questions & explain in detail. Best agent I have ever had. Thanks for the promptness. I have referred him to people as one who takes care of his business & clients.
    Leatha G., June 2016 web site is operated by KCM Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed health insurance agency. We are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Federal Medicare program. We offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplemental insurance policies (Medigap plans), and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDP). Milz Health Group represents most of the national Medicare insurance carriers as well as several regional companies. The availability of Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplements varies from state-to-state, county-to-county. Our licensed independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare Health plans are also standing by to provide a free consultation and answer questions about your Medicare options. Neither Milz Health Group nor its agents is connected with the Federal Medicare program.

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.