Do You Know What to Expect?

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As Medicare experts in southeastern Wisconsin, we field a lot of questions about Medicare, Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act, and just about the healthcare industry in general. Since the general topic of “healthcare” is pretty broad to begin with, you can imagine that the we receive a very broad range of questions.

But one of the most common questions we hear is not really a question at all. It’s more of a sentiment: “I just really just have no idea what to expect when it comes to Medicare.” And, to be honest, it’s a very fair sentiment to express. Many people come to us because they are just beginning to navigate the Medicare maze for the first time. In many cases, they had previously been covered by an employer’s insurance policy, or by a policy they selected and paid for themselves, but they now find themselves eligible for Medicare and they simply don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. At Milz Health Group, it’s our mission to make sure you get the best coverage you are entitled to at the best price, and it’s why we feel so strongly about helping our clients figure out the Medicare process. We’ve even created a free guide called Getting Started with Medicare so that you can find out what to expect and how to get started in general so you aren’t missing out on your coverage.

So contact us today and get our free guide, or call and ask us your questions. We want to take the anxiety out of the Medicare process so you can get the coverage you need and deserve at the best possible price.