The End of Obamacare as we Know it?

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August 12, 2016
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September 9, 2016

If you’ve causally paid attention to the news in the last few months (both the local news around southeastern Wisconsin and also the national news), you may have heard a story or two about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Perhaps some people thought, when the Act was signed into law by President Obama over six years ago, that would really be the last we’d hear of it—at least the legislative portion of it. The reality is that, as the President’s second term in office comes to a close, Americans are still talking about the sum and substance of the law itself. So what does it all mean?

If you have heard the news stories in the recent weeks and months, they have likely dealt with private insurance companies’ relationships with the state and federal “health care exchanges” or “marketplaces.” As the Act has now been on the books for a few years, private companies are taking the data they’ve collected and running the numbers to re-evaluate the best way to participate in the exchanges. Opponents of the healthcare law are citing these stories as proof that Obamacare has been doomed from the start and more government involvement in healthcare is detrimental to the system. Conversely, those in favor of the law are considering these re-evaluations to be an expected and normal refinement process by which the system becomes nimbler and more effective. Still, others are taking the opportunity to voice their opinion that the ACA has not gone far enough in getting the government involved in our healthcare system.

All these diverse opinions have led some to the conclusion that, Obamacare, as we know it, will soon be a thing of the past. So, are they right?

While no one can predict the future, it certainly would seem obvious that healthcare law in America will continue to evolve and change. Whether this will mean building upon the current version of Obamacare with small tweaks and changes or a complete repeal of the ACA, only time will tell. Some of it may depend on data we continue to collect, and some of it may be political and closely tied to the course that future President Clinton or Trump or Johnson decide to chart.

The important thing for Wisconsinites to remember is that, no matter what the future holds, healthcare law and policy in America will likely continue to be fluid—sometimes changing each year, month, or even week. At Milz Health Group, it’s our job to pay attention to the changes and always use our expertise to put you in the best position to get the best coverage possible at the best price possible. Our mission is to look out for the citizens of Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin, and we take that mission seriously. If you are having trouble navigating the healthcare coverage maze, please contact us today and let us help—it’s our passion!