Open Enrollment Ends Soon

Medicare Open Enrollment specialists in Wisconsin
Medicare Open Enrollment is Happening Now
October 31, 2018
Happy New Year from Milz Health Group!
December 28, 2018
Wisconsin medicare open enrollment ending soon

December is already here, and in just a few short days, the period for Medicare open enrollment will end. Has time gotten away from you? Have you let the window slip by without realizing it? Do you still have important healthcare decisions to make for the upcoming year – whether for yourself or for a loved one?

Unfortunately, at this time of year, some people panic and simply renew the coverage they had previously without re-evaluating it, or if they are signing up for the first time, they might pick coverage they don’t know much about. As part of our mission to see everyone in the Milwaukee area and all over southeastern Wisconsin covered with the best healthcare possible at the best price possible, we hate to see someone go without the coverage they need because they were confused or felt hurried in the process of selecting coverage.

If you still need to enroll or re-enroll in Medicare for 2019, give us a call at Milz Health Group right away and let us walk you through the options you have for both Medicare coverage and also supplemental coverage for the upcoming year.

Remember, it’s not too late to get the coverage you are entitled to and that you deserve. We’ve made it our business to be experts in the healthcare coverage field, and with the window closing on open enrollment, you can lean on our expertise so that you get the coverage you truly need at the price that’s right for you.