Open Enrollment is Here

the state of healthcare policy in America
The State of Healthcare Policy in America
October 6, 2017
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November 30, 2017
open enrollment for Milwaukee Medicare and health insurance plans

It’s a busy time of year for us at Milz Health Group. How come? Because, right now, open enrollment periods for both Medicare and Obamacare are officially in full swing. If that’s got you panicking a bit, don’t worry – it’s early in enrollment window for both, but that’s actually what we’re writing about today.

Unfortunately, many people find the process of enrolling to be a daunting task. Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand the process or because they simply have never gone through the enrollment process before. Whatever the case, people often tend to put off enrolling, and when they put it off, they end up having no choice but to try to enroll at the last minute. And that’s what we’re trying to encourage you to avoid. Because many people wait until the last minute to enroll, the process of getting enrolled can be more frustrating and more time consuming than enrolling earlier. Hold times on the phone are much longer, and if you have any kind of non-standard issues with your application, they take far longer to get resolved toward the very end of the window.

At Milz Health Group, it’s always been our mission to help as many of the good people of southeastern Wisconsin get the best coverage at the best price. If you have questions about the Medicare and Obamacare enrollment processes and what kind of supplemental coverage you may want, give us a call today. We hate to see anyone miss out on great coverage because they find the whole process too confusing or daunting, and that’s exactly why we’re here.

So get in touch with us today and let us help you get your 2018 coverage squared away sooner rather than later.