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January 31, 2019
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April 5, 2019
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It seems like we just got done with a major election cycle not all that long ago, and already the next one is starting to ramp up. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, several politicians and public figures have already announced their candidacy for the presidential race, and several more have commissioned “exploratory committees” to help them determine whether or not to run. It seems like the political process in America is constant.

And if you’ve listened to the talking points of the candidates and the pundits analyzing the news, there are a few issues that are almost constant talking points. One of them, as usual, is healthcare policy. Politicians often promise sweeping reforms to healthcare policy in our country. Some promise to take control away from the government, and privatize as much as possible. Other candidates insist we need the government more involved in healthcare in our country. And there are many nuanced positions in between.

We’re certainly not here to comment, one way or another, on healthcare policy as a political matter. However, being up to date on changes in the industry is important to us because that’s how we serve our clients.

Finally, if there’s one thing we want to remind our clients and all the people of southeastern Wisconsin looking for the right healthcare coverage, it’s this: get the coverage that works for you right now. You can certainly hope for changes to legislation and changes in the healthcare industry, and you can participate in the political process to effect changes, but these changes don’t come overnight, and sometimes promises of politicians never come to fruition.

At Milz Health Group, we’re passionate about seeing all the people of Wisconsin get the coverage that’s right for them at a price that’s right, too. Though we watch for policy changes and changes in the industry, we’re second to none when it comes to working within the current climate to help you get the coverage that’s right for you. Give us a call today and let us get started finding the plan that’s right for your unique situation.