Summertime Healthy Living

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If you live in Wisconsin, there’s no shortage of “weather” jokes that go around. Whether it’s a joke about our long winters or a joke about how the day-to-day temperature can seem to turn on a dime during certain parts of the year, weather seems to always be a topic of conversation.

But all joking aside, many of us can agree that summers in southeastern Wisconsin can be very pleasant. Tempered by Lake Michigan, the days can get warm but not often oppressively hot. It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities, spend time with family and friends, and attend the many festivals Milwaukee offers.

We’ve written before about healthy living and preventative health measures, like eating well and getting exercise. Do you find that summertime has an effect on your healthy lifestyle goals? On the one hand, the nice weather may make it possible for you to enjoy outdoor exercise activities you may not be able to at other times of the year. Maybe you find yourself doing yard work or going for walks more often during the warm weather. Maybe you’re able to bike to work or even bike just for fun.

On the other hand, summer brings unique challenges along with it too. If you are away from home on vacation, you know it can be challenging to stick to a diet or exercise routine during your time away. And summer is also a time for backyard barbecues and other parties. Do you find it hard to stick to your goals with all the delicious culinary temptations this time of year offers?

At Milz Health Group, we’re committed to seeing the people of southeastern Wisconsin be their healthiest. During this pleasant time of year, we’d just like to offer you an encouragement to not give up on your healthy lifestyle choices. If your healthcare provider has encouraged you to stay physically active, take advantage of the great weather and pick up a new outdoor activity. If you’re trying to eat healthy, keep up the good work despite the temptations of the season. Use this great time of year to your advantage and don’t give up on the hard work you’ve put into your preventative health routine!