The Affordable Care Act: Is it a Political Issue?

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Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin - is it political?

If you are like many Wisconsinites (or even Americans in general), you may consider yourself to have some sort of political affiliation. Or maybe you don’t tend to pay too much attention to politics but still find yourself casting your vote because of one or two key issues that are important to you. One thing that is great about America is that we all get a voice in the political process.

So what does politics have to do with healthcare? Especially in southeastern Wisconsin? It turns out, a lot—especially lately. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the discussion and debates leading up to its passage, the question of the role of government in healthcare has been at the forefront of American politics. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Needless to say, people have many different views on what the role of government should be regarding healthcare and regarding everyday life in general. We’re certainly not here to comment one way or the other—people hold their own positions for their own good reasons and because of what’s important to them. But we do think it’s safe to say that the bringing of healthcare into the political sphere has done one thing for sure: It’s gotten more people than ever engaged in thinking and talking about healthcare and healthcare-related issues. The dialogue, we contend, is a good thing—no matter where you stand on the issue itself. People who support and also people who oppose more government in healthcare have been forced to think through why they hold their positions. We hope this has gotten people thinking about their own healthcare and what the best options are for them and their families. People who otherwise might not have paid much attention may now have new reason to really examine the role of healthcare in their own personal lives.

So while we can all be respectful of a whole range of positions on the political issues, it’s a good thing that people are talking about and debating important things like healthcare. At Milz Health Group, we want to see everyone in the Milwaukee area and all over the country to get the best coverage possible, and we think it’s fair to say most Americans feel the same way, regardless of how they feel about the best way to accomplish that.