Medicare Open Enrollment is Happening Now

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Don’t Let Confusion Drive Your Healthcare Decisions
September 29, 2018
Wisconsin medicare open enrollment ending soon
Open Enrollment Ends Soon
December 1, 2018
Medicare Open Enrollment specialists in Wisconsin

We’re always busy at Milz Health Group getting the best coverage possible at the best price for all the good people of southeastern Wisconsin. But right now it’s an especially busy time for us. How come? Because right now, we’re in the middle of the Medicare open enrollment period. We know what that means for us – lots of long hours at the office. But what does it mean for you?

If you are enrolling in Medicare for the first time, it might mean that you have a lot of questions about how to proceed and make sure you have the coverage you need. If you are re-enrolling, you may have questions about changes you’d like to make in your coverage, adding additional coverage you hadn’t needed in the past, or removing some coverage you previously had but no longer need. The open enrollment period is the time to do all these things.

And if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the process, you are not alone. Medicare, along with supplemental coverage options, is a great resource for the people of southeastern Wisconsin, and the coverage can be very good; however, the process can be confusing. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here to help. At Milz Health Group, we’ve made ourselves experts in Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and in health insurance in general. We’re here to answer all your questions and make sure you get the coverage you need and deserve – all at a great price.

The open enrollment period ends December 7th, so don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible and let us get started working for you.